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My Six Week Boss Moves Mentorship is Designed To Show You How To Embody Confident Leadership and Think Like A Powerful CEO.

You'll Go from Hiding, Under Earning, and Playing Small to Confident, Comfortable with Your Power and PLAYING A BIGGER GAME. 

Hear From Boss Moves Alumni

"Working with Lindsey has awakened this new confidence in me and up-leveled my thinking. Her business coaching propelled me forward to make a “four year old dream” a “now reality”. Through this coaching process she has poured an abundance of her business expertise, knowledge, creativity, technology tips, tools, and tricks into our time together ultimately helping me build my new “6 Week Online Coaching Course. She is truly amazing, over qualified, and loves her “passionista’s”! You will definitely get more than you pay for. Working with Lindsey has changed the course of my life and I am beyond grateful for her living her dreams and stepping into her calling."

Ashley White
Holistic Health Coach

"Boss Moves came at exactly the right time. With Covid just happening, my event planning business disappearing overnight and me stuck wondering what I was going to do. I always considered myself confident until I joined Boss Moves and realized that I was high level hiding and wasn’t fully showing up for myself. Now I can feel the fire within, I can see how much I have grown in my confidence, in stepping way past my comfort zone and stepping into who I was meant to be. Lindsey is such a power house to learn from, you can feel her passion and excitement for helping her clients level up in their business. I highly recommend Boss Moves to get your business and yourself showing up authentically, attracting the clients you want and growing your business. "

Jen Kinal
Event Planner

"Moving through Boss Moves, at the same time as Covid 19 hit was perfectly timed for me. I was able to move from a victim mindset, "why is this happening to me? My business?" Into CEO Mode, "How are we going to Pivot during this time? How are we going to continue to help our clients through this time? How are we going to continue to serve?" I was also able to rally my team, practice presence(ing) and really getting myself into the BOSS role. As someone who had just hired employees, this course was fantastic and translated to all aspects of my life! Working with Lyndsey was phenomenal! And I highly recommend Boss Moves to anyone wanting to make a massive energy shift in HOW they show up in the world. Take your power back, and lead with confidence. Boss Moves will teach you how! "

Laticia Kristine
Owner, No Filter Aesthetics


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