Social Media Masterclass for Direct Sales

How To Sell Without Selling, Not Be "That Girl" Driving Everyone Crazy and Use Social Media To Your Advantage

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Want to learn how to effectively use social media in your network marketing business to sell more products and build your team? 

I've got something special for you...

In my 90 minute masterclass I’m going to teach you how to position yourself as an authority without being “the annoying direct sales girl”, as well as, showing you how to sell your product and build your team in a way that feels authentic and good to you-not salesy, slimy or forceful.

  • I’ll also be sharing the THREE BIGGEST mistakes that most people in direct sales make and how you can avoid actions that are actually REPELLING people from you. 
  • How to get people reaching out to YOU instead of the other way around 
  • PLUS my "three C's" framework for social media success and how you can CONFIDENTLY sell your product without selling!

Who am I to teach you this? Watch Below To Hear My Story & Why You Should Listen To Me

Hey Friend! I'm Lindsey and here's why we need to work together. 

Hey direct sales queen! In case we don't know each other yet here is a snippet of my story. I'm Lindsey Nadler, life and business coach, host of the Passionista podcast and community. I've  been an entrepreneur since I was 16 and I come from the school of hard knocks. I've spent upwards of an ivy league education and growing on my personal growth and business knowledge and I love teaching women how to monetize their passion online. 

I got my start in network marketing almost 10 years ago with an incredible company. Within three years I was earning 6 figures a year an went on to earn almost a million dollars over the course of those years. I LOVE the direct sales industry and how it allows for everyday people to live an extraordinary life via ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

But unfortunately many companies don't equip their distributor base to use modern day marketing to build their business. In fact many distributors feel lost and handicapped trying to use outdated, weird, or spammy marketing techniques to build their businesses and honestly who doesn't cringe when we see well meaning people start spamming people on their pages or worse in the DM's.

There is a smarter more effective way to run your network marketing business. You don't have to wear yourself out driving all over the place, doing home parties and hotel meetings, and staying on the phone 24/7. It's time to use the BEST MARKETING TOOL ever to your advantage: SOCIAL MEDIA. Afterall, it's 2019 not 1985. The methods that I teach and implement will have people reaching out to YOU instead of the other way around. 

Join me in the masterclass,  I would love to show you how :) 

During our Masterclass Together...

Learn how to sell without selling, position yourself as an authority and use the BEST tool to grow your network marketing biz in 2019: SOCIAL MEDIA. Without being weird, "that girl", or using outdated marketing methods that make people cringe.


Grab your spot for just $67 dollars (Ove a $500 dollar value!)









This Masterclass Is For You If:

  • You are actively building or wanting to build a network marketing business using social media. Emphasis on the word BUSINESS. Not hobby. 
  • You are teachable, and ready to take action. 
  • Your sick of posting about your product or service and getting crickets.
  • You don't know where to start with social media and are confused by all the conflicting advice out there. 
  • You're tired of having in home meetings, being on the phone all day, and "prospecting" people and using outdated, old school direct sales marketing methods everyone else teaches but you know aren't working. 
  • You feel a little lost in a sea of distributors that all seem to have more success than you. 

This Masterclass Is NOT For You If:

  • You're unteachable, not open to change and make excuses for everything. 
  • You think social media as a necessary evil instead of a valuable tool for your business.
  • You think the old school outdated marketing methods are the way to go. 
  • If you're going to let learning technology and new things hold you back from success. 
  • You're forever in learning mode and not really going to take action on what you invest in. 
  • You don't really care about building relationships and aren't willing to truly connect with people. 

Ready To Use Social Media To Sell More Products and Build Your Team? Let's Do This...

"After taking Lindsey's social media advice, I started niching down and branding myself I was able to attract my ideal clients. I had new moms contacting me and asking for help with their pain points. Rather than hunting people down and it feeling forced and yucky I was able to foster a relationship and truly get to know and help these women with their fitness goals PLUS brought in 10 sales right away!"

Amanda Mckay
Postpartum Health Coach

"I reached out to Lindsey for some business and social media coaching and with a few simple tweaks and using her plan- I saw immediate same day results! I highly recommend Lindsey and the value she adds to everyone she meets life!"

Brandi Howard
Home Staging & Design

"She has given me the tools to make my dreams a reality. She has helped me gain specific clarity and confidence in the next steps I need to take in my Health Coaching Business and Women’s Retreats. Working with Lindsey has awakened this new confidence in me and up-leveled my thinking. Her business coaching propelled me forward to make a “four year old dream” a “now reality”. Through this “One on One” coaching process she has poured an abundance of her business expertise, knowledge, creativity, technology tips, tools, and tricks into our time together ultimately helping me build my new “6 Week Online Coaching Course. She is truly amazing, over qualified, and loves her “passionista’s”! You will definitely get more than you pay for. Working with Lindsey has changed the course of my life and I am beyond grateful for her living her dreams and stepping into her calling. I am one woman with one life showing up for myself - one day at a time becoming wildly alive and courageously confident!"

Ashley White
Wholeness Coach-Ashley White Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

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Grab your spot for $67 dollars. (Over a $500 value!)









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